Kenneth Seward Jr.
Owner/President of United Front Gaming.
Who are you? “I have being covering video game related news since 2006. I wrote for a website which led me to E3 in 06. I started my own company and we covered news for said site. It wasn’t long before we started working with NXGamers. They dealt with professional gaming and we again covered gaming news. This partnership led us to becoming partners with MythLogic, setting up promotions with Pepsi for a world wide gaming tournament, and going to E3 08! That site was taken down (they are going to relaunch with new partners) so, right now we don’t have a site of our own. That will be changing very soon. Again, just a brief history of me and UFG!”

Bryant M. Crawley
Writer/Host of UFG’s 8 Bit Radio
Who are you? “I have been covering video games ever since I was in my mom’s womb but I’ve actually been writing about them since 2006. I’ve written for a couple websites in the past which led me to where I am today as a writer for the soon to be released When I’m not writing I’m a geeking out on another podcast of mine entitled Geekity Speakity for With that you have received just a taste of the type of Gaming Geek I am. With that I leave you with our slogan, Join the Front!”

Calvin Percy
Who are you? “I started officially covering the industry in 2006 with Ninja Ent. That was short lived, but only fueled the passion that was already instilled within.  I have spent countless hours researching all platforms of gaming from home consoles to mobile gaming.  I bring a different view on a lot of subjects that are how I say very “colorful!”  As I always I’m pleading my case to LET ME RANT!                   

There are more writers working with UFG but they aren’t a part of the podcast. We will have an updated staff page for the offical site showing the complete staff!